United States of America, Alaska and Hawaii.

We accept Orders from customers resident anywhere in the United States of America, including Alaska and Hawaii. Any duty or state taxes are the responsibility of the person receiving the Order.


Similarly, Orders from customers resident throughout Canada are accepted, but these may be subject to customs or duty charges, which are the responsibility of the person receiving the Order.

European Union

Customers resident in the European Union (EU) and other customers resident in other countries but wishing to ship goods to a recipient living within the EU, should use our sister website for the EU. Click here to transfer to our EU website, or click on the UK Union Flag/EU Flag at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Rest of World

All customers resident in countries throughout the Rest of the World and outside the EU, are recommended to use our North American website by clicking here, or on the US/Canadian Flags at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Browser Software Settings & Cookies

Browser Software Settings

We recommend you use version 4.7 or 7.0 of Netscape Communicator (Navigator) or version 5.5 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have a previous version of one of these browsers, you can download a free copy of the latest version from Netscape or Microsoft.


Your browser has to be set to accept cookies before you can place an order at AnnabelChaffer.com. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but if you are having trouble placing an Order, you may need to change settings to enable cookies on your PC.

To enable cookies:
PC Users
Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher: Go to Tools: Internet Options: Security. Select Internet, then Custom Level. You may need to scroll to see the options for enabling cookies.
Netscape 4: Go to Edit: Preferences: Advanced.
Netscape 7: Go to Edit: Preferences: Privacy and Security.

No Account Required

Unlike so many other active ecommerce websites, the Annabel Chaffer Collection does not require you to open an account prior to shopping at Annabel Chaffer.

Find the Items You Want

Site Search Facility (the most popular general search method)

At the top of each page you will find a standard search window in which you can type the products you are seeking (one at a time). If such a product is sold by Annabel Chaffer, you will be presented with a results page showing a thumbnail image, our title to the product, both of which are linked directly to the product page that gives more details, prices etc.
If a selected product on which you have searched is not part of the range of products offered by Annabel Chaffer, then you will be advised that no such product is available. However, we do monitor failed search terms to see whether or not the most popular searched items are suitable for us to consider introducing into our range in the future.
Having found the item you like, you can then obtain more details, color and size choices, as well as prices, by simply clicking on the product to go to the product page.

Searching by Category (popular if you have a theme in mind)

Choose an option from the Category list to the left or right of any page to then see a quickglance list of products within each category, accompanied by a thumbnail image of each product available. By clicking on any product image or title, you will be taken to the actual product page containing the detailed description of each product, color and size choices, as well as prices. You can then start shopping.

Searching by Theme (easiest way to find an item for someone special)

From the dropdown list located at the top of the right-hand margin on each page, click the Theme that is appropriate to your requirements, view the suggested items for that Theme and make your selection. Then follow the shopping instructions as explained below. (Coming soon)

How to Place an Order

1. Adding Items to Your Shopping Basket

When you’re ready to add an item to your Shopping Basket, choose from the available options for size, color, etc. Now you are ready to click "Add to Shopping Basket."

2. Starting Checkout from the Shopping Basket

The Shopping Basket shows you which items you have selected, who is receiving the items and your merchandise subtotal. When you’re ready to continue, click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Entering Billing and Shipping Addresses

On the Billing Address page, please enter your name and billing address exactly as they appear on your Credit Card or Debit Card statement. Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*). Some fields are optional, but please provide as much information as you can, as this will enable us provide a better service and also allow us to fulfill your order quicker. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you may check the box labeled "Shipping address same as billing address" at the bottom of the page and click "Continue." Otherwise, leave the box unchecked and click "Continue."

4. Reviewing and Submitting Your Order

On the "Place Your Order" page, you can review all the final order information, including your Order total. Regarding Canadian shipping addresses, the Order total will not include any customs or duty charges, which are the responsibility of the person receiving the order. This will also apply to other non North American countries elsewhere in the world.

On this page, you may also change how your items are shipped. Choose "Change Shipping Method" to select from the available shipping methods.

After you have reviewed your Order information, please enter your payment information. Click "Redeem Coupon, Gift Certificate or Promotion" if applicable; otherwise enter your Credit Card, Debit Card or Charge Card information and click "Purchase Now."

5. Conclusion

Thank you, you have now completed your Order. At this stage, you may wish to print a copy of the 'Thank You' page, which summarizes your all Order information. Following the submission of your Order, we will send you by email an Order Confirmation, followed shortly thereafter by another email notifying you as to how to Track Your Order, together with your own exclusive password. Further details regarding tracking your order, can be found here.

Secure Ordering

We take security issues very seriously and we undertake a regular review of new services that become available which might enhance security issues even further than we have already incorporated within this website.

As with all leading on-line catalogues and to ensure the security of your online transactions at our website, we have utilized the best secure SSL technology currently available , we have incorporated 128-bit encryption in handling all payment details, through the use of secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) servers.

GeoTrust are the issuers of the SSL certification on our website and you will find throughout the site the display of the GeoTrust site seal guaranteeing all our online customers that they will receive the highest level of encryption possible. This seal assures our online customers that credit card, debit card and charge card account numbers and other confidential information cannot be intercepted or altered.

Whilst low-level encryption can be breached in a matter of minutes, it is worth stressing that the high level of protection of 128-bit or stronger encryption (regardless of customer's browser version or operating system) provided on the Annabel Chaffer website is 300 septillion times stronger than 40-bit SSL used on some other websites. 300 septillion equates to 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.

In fact, we have gone further than most websites by encrypting every part of your order, including your name and address details, messages and even the items ordered themselves. We do not believe that there is anything more that we can do at this time, in order to tighten what is already a very secure environment built into this on-line catalogue. However, should new security services become available, we will review those new services to see if they would help to improve the level of security beyond what we offer already.

For obvious reasons and in order for us to be able to process orders, we are the only party that can gain access to your personal details, all of which remain completely private and stored at a secret unpublished address.

Therefore, shoppers can be reassured that our website is legitimate, whilst enhanced techniques of encryption allow confidential data to reach us safely, without the possibility of anyone being able to 'read' any personal data that you supply as part of the ordering process. For your security, none of your financial details are stored on this site, so that is why you need to re-enter your financial details every time you visit the Annabel Chaffer Collection on-line catalogue. If you opt to have our shopping cart retain your name and address details to avoid you having to re-enter them next time you visit, this is carried out by means of storing this data on your own computer system using 'cookies', and not on our computer systems.

Regarding email security issues, please see Email Security.

These in-built functions show that we do take security issues very seriously.

WARNING: As a separate issue but for added security, several anti-fraud checks are running automatically in the background and any attempt to defraud Annabel Chaffer by unscrupulous parties is picked up by the 'card cops' without involving any human intervention. With Interpol and most other leading policing services operating around the globe, such attempted frauds are dealt with by their new WWW anti-fraud departments. Within milli-seconds, a very sophisticated reverse DNS trace is carried out, in addition to automatic ICMP traceroute requests, followed by LDAP enquiries. These features have resulted in a number of potential fraudsters finding themselves on the end of a police swoop, even whilst they are still on-line.

Email Accounts

As an integral part of the ordering process, it is necessary for each and every customer to supply a valid email address. This is important as we need to send you an Order Confirmation, communicate with you if there should be any queries regarding your Order and for other related issues such as notifying you of the dispatch of your goods, etc. Some of these matters are covered in the section entitled Post Ordering.

Shared Email Accounts

Whilst we can sympathize in many cases where customers wish to maintain a shared email account, for privacy reasons we recommend separate email accounts be used for ordering from the Annabel Chaffer Collection. The main reason for this is that by having separate email accounts you will be able to maintain a degree of surprise when buying gifts for your spouse or loved one, that would otherwise be lost through the use of a shared email account. The decision is yours, as Annabel Chaffer cannot be held responsible for any spouse or loved one discovering the intentions of their partner when it comes to gifts being bought for that special occasion. Further reasons are detailed in Track Your Order in the Post Ordering section.

Invalid Email Addresses

Orders received bearing an invalid email address, or Orders received from known problematic email addresses, will simply be cancelled without further communication. Too much time has been spent in the past in trying to communicate with potential customers through either problematic or invalid email addresses. Consequently, it is incumbent on all our potential customers to provide an up-to-date and working email address when placing an order with Annabel Chaffer. AOL, Hotmail and Gmail Users Any customers using one of these services to place an Order with Annabel Chaffer should understand that it is important that they place the name Annabel Chaffer into their ????? Folder to ensure that all communications are received from us. This does not simply apply to the Order Confirmation received shortly after placing an Order, but also for our Track Your Order services, and the need for our staff to contact you for any reason in relation to items ordered from us.

In addition, by taking this action, a customer will benefit from special offers, coupons and any other promotional offers made available to only existing customers, and not to any other potential customers.

Internet Service Providers

Since the introduction of CAN-Spam laws, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have taken steps to tighten their email facilities so as to ensure that their customers/users do not suffer from any undue volumes of spam email. Consequently, a number of ISPs have introduced filters and other means to reduce spam email reaching their users. Whilst this approach has some merit, the resulting consequences can be that users do not always receive emails from organizations with whom they do business, or are known to them as being beyond reproach.

For these reasons, it is important that before you place an Order with Annabel Chaffer you should add the name Annabel Chaffer to your ISPs White List email or email client (Outlook Express, etc.), so that our Order Confirmation will reach you, as well as subsequent communications from us. If you do not ensure emails from Annabel Chaffer reach you on a timely basis, and you have not checked that the Order Confirmation is correct, we reserve the right to dispatch the goods as ordered in our Shopping Cart and as set down in the Order Confirmation. In some cases, Orders will simply be cancelled. No dispute regarding goods ordered when emails do not get through your ISP's filter will be entertained by us. Therefore, adding the name Annabel Chaffer to your email client software/ISPs White List is essential.

Privacy Policy

Not only for the reasons that will become apparent, the Annabel Chaffer Collection has always taken our customers privacy as being of paramount importance.

With this policy in mind, as our patronage includes members of Royal Families, Secretaries of State, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Hollywood actors and Celebrities throughout the world, we operate a protected mailing list, as well as email list, neither of which are made available to persons or companies unconnected with Annabel Chaffer Collection. The information is held securely on SSL servers using 128-bit encryption in a remote server farm, where access is only available to security cleared technicians by means of computer controlled biorhythms. Nothing can possibly be removed from the site generally, nor from the inner sanctum of the server farm buildings, all of which are kept under constant guard by both static and foot patrols. No member of the Annabel Chaffer staff has ever gained access to the site.

So far as email addresses are concerned, we normally receive email addresses from customers through their encrypted orders, which are received by SSL secure servers. The servers concerned are used by many major corporations. The level of security demanded by such corporations should give some comfort to all our genuine customers who wish to buy items through the the Annabel Chaffer Collection on-line catalogue. However, whilst we have taken reasonable measures to ensure the safety of email addresses, we cannot anticipate the future use of as yet unknown methods in attempting to steal such email addresses whilst in transit. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for any email addresses stolen outside our business.

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