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Business History

Since early 1990 The Annabel Chaffer Collection, founded by an international fashion model, has endeavored to create a Designer Accessory and Gift Collection that captures the best of English heritage, elegance, style and luxury within one quintessentially British website.

Our Design Team work closely with renowned British craftsmen and leading designers, with whom we are privileged to be associated and many of whom hold more than one royal warrant and prestigious design award, to bring you an ever evolving selection of timeless classic and contemporary handcrafted pieces many of which you will not find elsewhere.

A percentage of our profits are donated each year to benefit various charities.

Our patronage includes members of Royal Families, Secretaries of State, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Hollywood actors and Celebrities throughout the world.


Business Mission

Annabel Chaffer will continue to design and make both in our own workshops and in other workshops with whom we contract, a wide range of goods to a very high design using the skills of our own craftsmen and craftswomen.

Above all else, our Mission is to ensure that our customers have comfort in the knowledge that goods bought through Annabel Chaffer are of the highest standard obtainable anywhere in the world.

In addition, it is our continuing aim to ensure that we provide good 'old fashioned' Customer Service of the style and standard set by us over so many years.


Product Quality by Craftsmen

Behind the majority of the products you will see on our website are the fruits of hard-learned skills and techniques that our craftsmen and craftswomen have been taught through long apprenticeships in small family businesses and workshops, along with years of enhancing those skills through patient self-taught techniques at the production stage. The resulting high quality of the goods not to mention the very best of raw materials is testament to all the years through which they have learned their respective trades. For most of our craftsmen and craftswomen, this is a lifetime trade as they have known no other trade. Some of the small workshop businesses have been existence for hundreds of years, with a number going back nearly 250 years.


Gift Wrapping

Generally, the Annabel Chaffer Collection provides a very personal service, which includes a Gift Wrapping service for you to use at any time, be it for everyday gifts or for that special occasion. Even when your gift is late, it makes all the difference to the recipient to receive their gift beautifully wrapped, making that special gift even more mysterious. So if you would like to really please someone you love, simply request that your gift to them be professionally wrapped, even if you request that the gift be delivered to you first, for you to send on to the recipient.

The gift that you choose will be wrapped in an expensively designed heavy duty gift-wrap paper, tied with a gold ribbon and bow and is sent to you with a gift tag for your personal message. This service costs just $5.00 per item.

Alternatively, we can dispatch the gift direct to the recipient, and write your personal message on the gift tag for you, at no extra cost. Please type your message in the Comments Box in the Shopping Basket, not forgetting the recipient's name and address. Do not worry if you forget the message, we will simply contact you for the details.

Should you wish to have any gift professionally wrapped for you, simply place your order below by stating the number of items to be wrapped and then clicking the Order Now button. This will appear in your Shopping Basket as a separate item.


Promotional Offers

You will be able to enter your promotional code as you check out, prior to entering your credit card/debit card information. Look for the link, 'Redeem Coupon or Promotion Offers' and enter the relevant code. Please note, that only one promotional offer is allowed per Order.

Any coupon or promotional savings will appear on the ?????? page of the shopping cart.


Special Offers

Special Offers are made from time to time and these should be treated in the same way as a Promotional Offer, with the code being inserted as described above.



Most of these unique luxury gifts can be engraved with your selected logo, message, crest or initials. There are various styles of engraving that can be used to personalize your chosen item and these include:

Laser engraving, silk screening, deep die stamping and outline engraving.

The methods of engraving used will depend on the suitability of the items and the complexity of your message, crest, logo or initials. Please allow enough lead-in time for the set up of your engraving, prototypes and proofs (where required). Please contact us for further details.



Most of these unique luxury business corporate gifts can be embossed with your selected logo, message, crest or initials. There are various styles of embossing that can be used to personalize your chosen item and these include:

Gold, silver, transparent or in-filled die stamping, blind embossing, or hot-foiled embossing.

The methods of embossing used will depend on the suitability of the items and the complexity of your message, crest, logo or initials. Please allow enough lead-in time for the set up of your engraving, prototypes and proofs (where required). Please contact us for further details.


Brass Plaque

Where it is not possible to engrave or emboss directly onto an item, a brass plaque, engraved with your logo, message, crest or initials, in certain cases can be attached to the object. This method is commonly used on wooden or wood veneered items. The size of the brass plaque will depend on the item and the complexity of your message, logo, or initials. Please allow enough lead-in time for the set up of your engraving, prototypes and proofs (where required). Contact us here.


Sterling Silver Hallmarking

The British hallmarking standard on silver is very high, just from looking at the hallmark you can decipher what date the item was made, who the maker was and in which town it was hallmarked. This enables us to date pieces going right back to the 16th century. The British Hallmark is also your guarantee of the purity of silver (higher than 92.5% purity).

1. Manufacturers mark (example)

2. Fineness (parts/thousand)

3. Assay Office Mark (London)

4. Date Mark (1999)

5. Pictorial Symbol


The History of Hallmarks

Hallmarking represents one of the earliest forms of consumer protection. A hallmark is a series of marks applied to gold, silver and platinum articles. It indicates that the article has been independently tested at an Assay Office and guarantees that it conforms to the legal standards of precious metal content, known as the fineness.

* In 1238 Henry III ordered that all goldsmiths and silversmiths must have their wares assayed (from the French "assai", to test) and conform to certain standards.
* The Act of Edward I, 1300, decreed that all gold and silver work should be, 'Of the sterling allay or better, at the pleasure of him to whom the work belongeth'.
* By 1363 every gold or silver smith had to stamp each piece of work with their personal mark to show that they had met the set standards.
* In 1478 year marks were introduced to further protect consumers.
* The Customs Act of 1842 stated that all silver imports to the UK were to be assayed and marked in a UK assay office, backdated to 1800.
* Since the end of the 12th Century there has been strict control of items made from silver in England. This is still regulated and controlled by the Goldsmiths Hall in London to this very day.
* Each piece of silver produced in the UK is required by law to be sent to an Assay Office for assaying. If the required legal standards are met the silversmith's marks are then stamped onto the article.
* If you buy a piece of British hallmarked silver you are guaranteed a quality item, which will hold its value and become an investment for the future.

The Leopard's Head is the mark of the London Assay Office and has been in continuous use since 1300, when the Wardens of the Company were given responsibility for marking gold and silver wares, which passed assay, with the King's mark of the Leopard's Head. Still based in Goldsmiths' Hall, and using the most up-to-date technology, the London Assay Office hallmarks several million articles every year. It is also the Secretariat of the Association of European Assay Offices. Hallmarking is now carried out under the statutory jurisdiction of the Hallmarking Act 1973. The Act also established the British Hallmarking Council. The Council has various powers and duties regarding hallmarking, which include ensuring adequate assaying and hallmarking facilities in the UK.


Ask An Expert

Because of demand from our customers, in the near future, we plan to introduce a service whereby customers may pose questions to our panel of Experts in the main fields in which we have the expertise. These fields include the primary topics of Sterling Silver, Leather, Pewter, Brass, but also certain other specific areas that are related to products within the Annabel Chaffer Collection.

For obvious reasons, our panel will not be able to answer questions relating to products bought from other sources, on antiques, or on unrelated topic areas.

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