Customer Care

Value Enhanced Relationships

We aim to build relationships in order to provide value for everyone involved with the Annabel Chaffer Collection, from the people working for us through to our customers trying to do business with us. This involves us continuously changing to meet the constantly changing needs, requirements and values of our customers (as well as our staff), to create an exciting, energetic and dynamic environment where customers are happy to work with us.


Research has shown that the majority of customers who cease to deal with other businesses online, do so because they perceive that no one in those businesses cared about them. Those who have had dealings with the Annabel Chaffer Collection know that we DO care about our customers and this is borne out by the high level of repeat visits by customers who shop with us, including royalty, entertainers and upscale customers from many walks in life. Many have become really good and warm friends.

Customer Experience

The overall customer experience that we regularly deliver gives our customers the positive sensations to make them feel great about doing business with the Annabel Chaffer Collection. The huge number of charming letters of thanks and gratitude, which we have received over the years from our customers, leaves no doubt in our minds that we are providing a truly great customer experience.

Customer Care

We do not wait for something to go wrong, but proactively work towards understanding and filling our customer needs, often before the customer knows about those needs. Consequently, we seek your help in providing us with feedback so that we can strive to improve our customer care in a positive, understanding and courteous way. We aim to achieve the highest standard of care on a personal basis, in order to reach a genuine level of satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Engender Warm Feelings

One of our key aims is to build an environment where customers will feel good when dealing with the Annabel Chaffer Collection and all its people. Consequently, we train our people to think positively so as to engender an optimistic attitude that will rub-off on all our customers. Therefore any resulting loyalty from our happy customers we believe will result in them 'spreading the word' about the Annabel Chaffer Collection.

Ultimate in Service

To help us achieve the task of creating the ultimate in customer care, periodically, we will seek out amongst our customers whether they have any complaints about any aspects of our business dealings. Your honest feedback in this area is the main way we shall achieve our objective.

Customer Experience

The Annabel Chaffer Collection employs smart, talented, creative and competent people, and so we empower them to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers. Consequently, they contribute to a large extent in enabling customers to enjoy a great customer experience.


Both our team spirit and corporate culture have become a mindset and almost a way of living. To reach our goals and to achieve our standards constantly, requires us to make conscious choices repeatedly to practice all these skills so that they become second nature.


In all honesty, we do trust that all our customers enjoy shopping with the Annabel Chaffer Collection and that they feel happy to pass on their experiences by spreading our good name on to their friends and relatives.

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