"Who's been eating all my porridge?"


This practical set will encourage fussy eaters and make meal times more fun. The words "Who's been eating all my porridge?" are etched in the base of the bowl. The bowl has a teddy bear handle and the spoon is stainless steel. This porringer style child's bowl and spoon set is equally suitable for boys or girls. The lead free polished pewter has a silver sheen that does not tarnish. They are stamped with the British Pewterer’s hallmark. Handmade in England by a master pewterer.

A shallow, round bowl with one or two flat, horizontal handles set on opposite sides of the rim. In recent usage, the word has also been used to refer to late 16th and early 17th century English silver vessels of cylindrical form with two vertical scroll handles. The precise purpose of porringers, or ecuelles, as they are known in France, is in dispute; but it is thought that they were used to hold broth or gruel. The most famous colonial porringers are probably those made by Paul Revere.

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