The Mystical Hare - Things You Didn't Know


Hare Bracelet 

Hares use their powerful hind legs to escape predation by outrunning their enemies, and have been known to reach speeds of 72kph (45mph). Brown hares are widespread throughout central and western Europe, including most of the UK, where they were introduced by the Romans. Courtship involves boxing, and this well-known 'mad March hare' behaviour actually involves unreceptive females fending off passionate males.

This beautiful hare bracelet is handmade using using a combination of copper and silver. As the warm tones of copper mellow and deepen, the silver plated hares become more striking and the jewellery more dramatic. The hare is one of the heralds of spring and hares, are also fertility symbols of antiquity. The incredible sight of two hares boxing in the spring sunshine gave rise to the phrase ”mad as a March hare” Bracelet width 5.0 cm 2". Designed by a renowned British jewellery designer.

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