Busy Honey Bees


Bees - insect populations are crashing. You may not have noticed but insect populations are crashing. Thirty years ago, July skies would be crowded with bugs, from tiny thrips to whirring dragonflies but, sadly, not any more. As the 'splat count' on car windscreens shows, the crowd has thinned alarmingly and numbers continue to fall. Some might see that as a blessing. But insects are vital threads in the fabric of life on earth and for a host of reasons we couldn't survive without them. Insects are essential for pollinating flowers and food crops. But bees, butterflies and other pollinators are in sharp decline, mainly through habitat loss, so it is in everyone's interest to halt that trend. And we can all help by making sure that our gardens are pollinator friendly.

For further information visit British Bee keepers Association

The humming of bees in lavender on golden evenings heralds the arrival of summer and they win our admiration for their constant industry. 

Long summer days and warm summer nights inspired this charming and stylish jewellery. A delicate domed posy of flowers provides the perfect spot for the tiny bee on this necklace and earrings.

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